Marbled Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

As a general rule, I’m not much of a fan of the standard chocolate chip cookie. In fact, you’ll find that the pages of BoB do not contain such a cookie. I usually like something else tossed in there with the chocolate. Maybe some nuts or dried fruit or whatever else catches my attention from my pantry shelves.

I happened upon this recipe and became intrigued. I am drawn to those recipes that take a traditional food and give it a little twist. It keeps things a bit more interesting. But, still, no nuts or anything? Would swirling chocolate chip cookie dough with chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough be enough for me? I will answer that with a resounding YES!

Marbled Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies combine two chocolate chip cookie doughs - vanilla and chocolate. Delicious! - Bake or Break

Don’t be put off by the prospect of swirling the two doughs together. It really couldn’t have been simpler. Of course, if you want them all pristine and perfect, you might not think so. No two of mine looked alike, but that just makes them all the more fun.

We thoroughly enjoyed these cookies, as did all the folks with whom we shared them. The recipe makes many, many cookies, so they’re perfect for sharing. While I may prefer gussied-up chocolate chip cookies to traditional ones, these will certainly fill in the gap between them.

Marbled Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Yield: 48 large cookies

Marbled Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


  • 4 & 1/4 cups all-purpose flour, divided into 4 cups and 1/4 cup
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 4 largeeggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
  • 2 cups quick or old-fashioned oats, divided into 1 cup and 1 cup
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips, divided into 1 cup and 1 cup


Combine 4 cups flour, baking soda, and salt. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar until creamy. Add eggs and vanilla, mixing well. Gradually add flour mixture, mixing just until combined.

Divide dough in half. To one half, add cocoa and mix until combined.

To the other half, add 1/4 cup flour and mix until combined.

Stir into each dough 1 cup oats and 1 cup chocolate chips. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Preheat oven to 375°. Combine 1 tablespoon of each dough, twisting together to make one cookie. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased baking sheets. If dough becomes too warm, refrigerate for a few minutes then resume forming cookies.

Bake about 10 minutes or until lighter dough is golden brown. Cool on sheets for 2 minutes. Then, remove cookies to wire racks to cool completely.


Recipe adapted from Quaker Oats.

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  1. Amanda June 12, 2008 Reply

    The different patterns in the chocolate chip dough with the chocolate make this a nice appealing dessert. A plate full of homemade cookies is the best thing to great you at the end of the day, don’t you think?

  2. Silvia June 13, 2008 Reply

    I always fall in love with your stunning photos and these are just fantastic..:-D i can’t describe how much I have to control myself to not lick this screen!!! 😀 thanks for everything and for being so great!
    Have a nice day

  3. Patricia Scarpin June 13, 2008 Reply

    I think they are extra special. You’ll get two cookies in one, yay!
    They look very pretty, Jen!

  4. Amy June 13, 2008 Reply

    Ok, definitely printing this recipe out.

  5. Anna June 13, 2008 Reply

    That is SO my kind of cookie!

  6. cindy lester June 13, 2008 Reply

    Those cookies look wonderful! Wish I had one right now! :)

  7. Ashley June 13, 2008 Reply

    These look so yummy and put such a nice spin on the traditional chocolate chip. I can’t wait to try them and neither can my hungry friends who are hovered around my computer!

  8. Nan (and Jim) June 13, 2008 Reply

    Apparently, the secret is in the “swirl!” We absolutely loved these cookies. I thought they were going to be plain at first….not that there is anything wrong with a good plain cookie….but they are so much more than “plain.” They even look fancier than a regular chocolate chip cookies. I’m still not sure what the “swirl” actually did to make these so good; but, whatever it is, it works!

    Thanks for sharing these with us…they didn’t last long at all

  9. Katrina June 13, 2008 Reply

    These look great. I made some similar ones recently. They were really good and fun to look at! You can see them here if you want.
    Mine were different in that they did not have oatmeal, which sounds really great with yours. I love a little nutty, crunchy bite. I’ll be printing off this recipe to try!
    Your photos are great!

  10. My Sweet & Saucy June 13, 2008 Reply

    Great idea…they look fantastic!

  11. Mandy June 13, 2008 Reply

    I need to make this. I suddenly realised that I haven’t made/eaten a chocolate chips cookies for months….Thanks for the recipe!

  12. As much as i love a good chocolate chip cookie, I rarely make them. Now, you’re rich, marbled version is really giving me a cookie craving.

  13. jennifer June 13, 2008 Reply

    Amanda, I’ll take them at the end of the day. Or at the beginning. Or in the middle somewhere.

    Silvia, thank you so much!

    Patricia, it IS like two cookies in one! :-)

    Enjoy, Amy!

    Anna, you should try them.

    Thanks, Cindy!

    Ashley, I hope you and your co-workers enjoy the cookies.

    Nan, glad y’all liked them.

    Katrina, your version looks delicious!

    Thanks, Sweet & Saucy!

    Mandy, that is much too long to go without some form of chocolate chip cookie! 😉

    Susan, I think I regularly maintain a cookie craving. :-)

  14. Kate June 14, 2008 Reply

    i wish you would start selling these, as looking at the pictures and not eating them is unfair. You are a cookie queen !

  15. Nick June 14, 2008 Reply

    Now these look decadent and delicious. I love combining two different but distinct flavors like this. They remind me of the classic Black & White cookies, which I think only exist in NY or maybe the east coast in general?

    Along the same line, I’ll be making peanut butter and chocolate icebox cookies soon.

  16. jennifer June 14, 2008 Reply

    Thank you, Kate! You are too sweet! 😀

    Nick, I love those black & white cookies, although I’ve never made any myself. I must try my hand at them some day. I’ll be on the lookout for your icebox cookies. They sound delicious!

  17. Lindsay June 14, 2008 Reply

    Yum! I noticed the recipe calls for either kind of oats. Which did you end up using?

  18. Sylvia June 15, 2008 Reply

    A friend passed on your link to me today – and I feel exactly the same way about chocolate chip cookies :) These look delicious! And your photos are fantastic, both the food itself and the photography! Looking forward to reading and seeing (and daydreaming about eating) more of your baked goodies!

  19. cindy lester June 16, 2008 Reply

    Jennifer, I made these cookies over the week-end. They were a big hit!

  20. jennifer June 16, 2008 Reply

    Lindsay, I used old-fashioned oats.

    Welcome, Sylvia! Thanks for the wonderful compliments. :-)

    Cindy, I’m glad y’all liked them.

  21. Sandie (Inn Cuisine) June 17, 2008 Reply

    Not a fan of the standard chocolate chip cookie? What culinary blasphemy…BUT, I have a recipe/technique coming up that will make you eat those words, literally…and I promise it will be tasty.

    For the record these cookies look fantastic, but then again I adore all kinds of chocolate chip cookies and am never one to discriminate against baked goods of any kind. Thanks for sharing!

  22. jennifer June 17, 2008 Reply

    Sandie, I’ll be on the lookout and prepared to eat my words. 😉

  23. Hendria June 18, 2008 Reply

    I made some similar to these and we enjoyed them as well.. :)

  24. jennifer June 18, 2008 Reply

    Hendria, these were very popular with my taste-testers. 😉

  25. tanya June 18, 2008 Reply

    Those look delicious. I will try them soon!

  26. jennifer June 18, 2008 Reply

    tanya, let me know what you think. Enjoy!

  27. Stacey June 19, 2008 Reply

    I’m going to give these a try and bring in to the office. After you twist the two doughs together, do you re-shape into a ball?

  28. jennifer June 19, 2008 Reply

    Stacey, I did re-shape them into balls. I hope they’re a hit for you!

  29. Jackie September 17, 2008 Reply

    Hi Jennifer

    Did you use a cookie scoop tablespoon or a measuring spoon tablespoon to combine the two doughs.

  30. jennifer September 17, 2008 Reply

    Jackie, I almost always use a cookie scoop. Basically, it’s personal preference. I find the scoop to be much easier.

  31. Jackie September 17, 2008 Reply

    Hi Jennifer

    Under your recent entries column what are those numbers for beside your recipes such as 9.8, 8.28, 8.18 etc.

  32. jennifer September 17, 2008 Reply

    Jackie, those are the dates of the posts.

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