Raspberry Bars

While making Chewy Graham Brownies the other day, my eye kept drifting to this recipe on the opposite page. Something about raspberries, oats, and brown sugar seemed specifically designed for summer.

These bars begin with a crust that is much like shortbread. Raspberry preserves are spread on top of that, with a crumb topping made from the same dough as the crust.

When these bars came out of the oven, the smell was incredible. The preserves were bubbling up through the toasty, browned crumb topping. After what seemed like forever, we cut into them and finally tasted their unbelievable goodness. The raspberry flavor is tart, and that works well with the chewy, slightly salty crust and topping. They are delicious alone, but a little scoop of ice cream certainly wouldn’t hurt.

FYI – this recipe is from The Ultimate Southern Living Cookbook.

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  1. VeuveClicquot August 9, 2006 Reply

    Oh YUM!!! I love raspberry bars. Must try these soon.

  2. Nicole August 11, 2006 Reply

    Hi! Just ran into your photos on Flickr and so glad that I found your blog! I’ll definitely be back :-)

  3. Ellie August 11, 2006 Reply

    YUM! Talk about looking tooth-achingly good…

  4. kristine j November 30, 2008 Reply

    I made these but thought they tasted a little too salty, I made them with unslated butter the next time – PERFECT!! I have also made them using strawberry preserves. i think the next one’s I’ll try will be peach!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! My family loves these bars!!

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