Lemon Bread

I really like lemon-flavored foods, but rarely make them. In fact, I can’t remember ever making anything lemon-y. With that in mind, I decided today to remedy that, using a recipe from King Arthur Flour.

Lemon bread batter

This proved to be a pretty straightforward recipe. It followed what Alton Brown and one of his indispensable books has taught me to be the muffin method. That is, dry and wet ingredients are mixed separately then combined at the end. Until Alton, I had no clue that sugar was actually considered a wet ingredient. The reasoning there is that sugar is usually incorporated into fats or liquids, so it’s just easier to treat it as a wet ingredient.

It is perhaps worthy of note here that I didn’t actually use fresh lemon juice, although I had good intentions. The two lemons I had only produced about a tablespoon of lemon juice. So, I augmented with bottled lemon juice. However, having actual lemons did allow me to have lemon rind for the batter. Rind that was very effectively removed with a microplane zester. Quite the handy tool.

I rarely bake anything as long as recommended. We all know that everyone’s oven varies, but I think people don’t always like things baked to the same “doneness.” I tend to like things a bit under-done. I didn’t give this bread the whole hour… more like 54 minutes.

I was a bit doubtful when I started making the topping. I couldn’t see how 1/2 cup of confectioners’ sugar would dissolve in only 1/4 cup of lemon juice. But, I was proven wrong and it mixed together beautifully.

The recipe recommended waiting 24 hours before serving. Not being blessed with patience, I had a sample a couple of hours after it came out of the oven. I also had another sample about 6 hours later. The second tasting was better. I think the topping had soaked in well and the flavors had become richer. The lemon flavor is very smooth and not overwhelming. This is definitely a keeper recipe.