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  • Weekly Mix: Cream Cheese

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 18, 2013
    I recently confessed that cream cheese is one of the ingredients that I always have on-hand. As I thought about that, I thought it would be fun to look back in the BoB archives and see how big of a role cream cheese has played in my baking over the years. Well, my friends, it’s about like I thought. Cream […]
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  • Cinnamon Oatmeal Cream Cheese Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 14, 2013
    When we moved to New York in 2010, I had to start over with stocking my pantry and refrigerator. With the exception of my stash of really good chocolate that made the trip with us, I had nothing. I promised myself from the start that I wouldn’t stockpile ingredients, as I had been prone to do in our much bigger […]
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  • Blueberry Cream Cheese Crisp

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 7, 2013
    Breaking news, friends. I am now officially out of blueberries. In a summer that has seen a seemingly endless stream of beautiful berries, I wasn’t sure this day would ever come. But, after making plenty of bars and bread and cheesecake and cake and even a couple of batches of jam, I’ve exhausted the last of my blueberries with this […]
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