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  • Individual Italian Cream Cake Trifles

    By Jennifer McHenry on June 3, 2013
    I’ve really resisted the whole desserts-in-jars thing. I’m not sure why exactly. I guess I just never got that excited about them. But, I spied some beautiful Weck jars at Fishs Eddy (my favorite store in all of NYC) and felt like I just had to have them. With limited storage at home, I try to buy things only when […]
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  • Cranberry-Coconut Chocolate Cookies

    By Jennifer McHenry on April 8, 2013
    Baking ideas mostly come from all the places you’d think – a dessert in a restaurant or bakery, an idea about a unique ingredient, a desire to reproduce a favorite childhood flavor. Sometimes, though, I get baking inspiration from some less than obvious places. In the case of these cookies, I was inspired by a snack I had the other […]
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  • Weekly Mix: Coconut

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 15, 2013
    There may well be no more polarizing food than coconut. It seems people either love it or hate it. I am definitely in the former group. When I first met Quinn, I was shocked to learn that he didn’t like coconut. I quizzed him mercilessly about his aversion. Is it the taste? The texture? It seems it’s all of the […]
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