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  • Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 27, 2012
    How great is coffee cake? There aren’t that many cakes that can justifiably be eaten at any time of day. While we may not always need an excuse to eat cake for breakfast, it’s nice to do so with a tad less guilt sometimes. This particular coffee cake is a slight twist on the traditional with the addition of a […]
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  • Chocolate Sprinkles Cookies

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 20, 2012
    I very rarely make traditional chocolate chip cookies. Sometimes, I may even start out with the best of traditional intentions, but before I’m finished mixing up the dough, I’ve tossed in something extra. I was assessing my chocolate stash the other day and found a forgotten bag of Guittard’s chocolate sprinkles. Immediately, I decided to make cookies using those as […]
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  • Brown Sugar Cashew Blondies

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 13, 2012
    Brown sugar is one of my favorite baking ingredients. Everything is way behind chocolate on that list, but brown sugar is pretty close to the top. Combine that with how much I like baking bars, and you get these beauties. I’ve lamented before that cashews often get overlooked in baking. (If you agree, check out this or maybe this.) What […]
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