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  • Salted Cashew Crunch Cookies

    By Jennifer McHenry on April 29, 2008
    My lack of cashew-containing recipes here at BoB is not due to any lack of love for them. On the contrary, cashews rank right up there with pecans and hazelnuts for me. It just seems that they don’t find themselves in that many baked goods. Or, maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.
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  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on April 24, 2008
    If the title of these alone doesn’t win you over, then I will have to shut down BoB. Really, there’s no hope if these don’t appeal to you. These delicious bars begin with a graham cracker crust. While that usually means graham cracker crumbs and butter, this crust also contains miniature chocolate chips. Then, there is a cheesecake layer, which […]
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  • Chocolate Chip Muffins

    By Jennifer McHenry on April 22, 2008
    I admit that I have a healthy appreciation for kitchen gadgets. I am quite sure that I would have a hard time giving up my stand mixers, food processor, hand mixers, and a number of other complex appliances that fill my kitchen and pantry. Even with all of that, I do enjoy baking with just a couple of bowls and […]
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