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  • Chocolate Charlotte

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 16, 2007
    Taking a little break from holiday baking, I made this dessert for my sister’s birthday. For some reason, I had it in my head that I wanted to make a charlotte. I’d never made one before, and it just seemed like the thing to make for her day.
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  • Corn Flake Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 15, 2007
    Much like chess squares, this recipe is one of those that sneaks its way into everyone’s recipe box, yet no one really knows its origin. Of course, these kinds of recipes wouldn’t stick around like if they weren’t good.
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  • Gianduja Mousse

    By Jennifer McHenry on November 4, 2007
    In the last year or so, I have definitely found my love for hazelnuts. Seriously, where have those been all my life? Of course, to optimize hazelnuts, there must be chocolate. When I found the recipe for this gianduja (apparently means Nutella) mousse in Food & Wine magazine, it called to me to make it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, […]
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