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  • Pecan Muffins

    By Jennifer McHenry on November 18, 2006
    I woke up earlier than usual this morning and decided to take advantage of the extra time by whipping up something for breakfast. I am terrible at keeping track of recipes I want to try out of cookbooks. I am, however, pretty dang organized with online recipes I want to try. Looking through those, I found this recipe from Epicurious […]
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  • Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 14, 2006
    We returned from our trip almost a week ago. Since then, I’ve been in that awkward re-familiarizing state you live in right after a chunk of time off. Trying to get back into usual routines, remembering how to live your everyday life, forcing yourself to get out of the car and go into work. I’m sure this is sounding familiar […]
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  • Cinnamon Pecan Muffins

    By Jennifer McHenry on September 23, 2006
    See the recipe On a recent trip to a Penzey’s Spices store, I became fascinated by all the different kinds of cinnamon they have. I smelled those cinnamons for far too long than would be reasonably acceptable. I bought two kinds of cinnamon and have been anxiously awaiting the time to make something with them. Last week, I pulled out […]
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