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  • Apple Cranberry Crumb Pie

    By Jennifer McHenry on November 20, 2015
    Making great pie crust eluded me for a long time. But finally I mustered up the determination to figure it out and make it work. Since then, I’ve actually come to love making pies, from mixing the wonderfully simple dough to rolling it out to filling it with something delicious. Once I worked out my pie crust recipe, I stuck […]
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  • Cranberry Crumble Cheesecake Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 8, 2014
    We covered a lot of cranberry territory last month, with a buckle, a Bundt, and a pie/cheesecake hybrid. I’ve got one more bit of cranberry goodness up my sleeve, though, with these beautiful Cranberry Crumble Cheesecake Bars! These lovely bars combine a lot of good things into one delicious place. There’s a sweet, buttery, nutty crust that also doubles as […]
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  • Mini Cranberry Chocolate Upside-Down Cakes

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 16, 2013
    I hope you have enjoyed the holiday cookie baking spree I’ve been having lately. I’m moving on to other things, although I still have some cookies to share with you this season. But, today, we move on to something else synonymous with holiday baking – cranberries! Specifically, we’re talking cranberries, white chocolate, and chocolate chips baked into tiny upside-down cakes. […]
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