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  • Black Bottom Brownies

    By Jennifer McHenry on January 15, 2012
    When we moved to New York just over a year ago, I was forced to whittle down my cookbook collection. Believe me, losing 3000 square feet of living space will make you whittle down a lot of things. I spent a lot of time and thought considering what books would make the cut. My collection is about 85% baking books. […]
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  • Peanut Butter Cheesecake Minis

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 12, 2011
    It’s been a while since I baked anything remotely related to cheesecake. That is certainly not due to any lack of cheesecake love on my part. It still ranks right on up there on my list of favorites. I happened upon this recipe and very quickly moved it near the top of my to-bake list. Cheesecake, peanut butter cups, and […]
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  • Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes

    By Jennifer McHenry on June 25, 2009
    I’m not a huge fan of Oreos or, really, any kind of store-bought cookie. I have spoiled myself with the homemade variety. That being said, I am not the least bit hesitant to use store-bought cookies as an ingredient, like with these cheesecakes. The crust of these little treats is actually a whole Oreo, not crumbs. Leaving the cookie intact […]
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