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  • Butterscotch Pecan Sandies

    By Jennifer McHenry on September 26, 2012
    I’m not a big fan of ice cream, but my favorite flavor, by far, is butter pecan. Sure, I like to indulge in other, more complicated varieties from time to time. But, butter pecan is my tried and true favorite. These cookies are packed with pecans and lots (and lots) of butterscotch. The overall effect is a flavor that can […]
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  • Toffee Squares

    By Jennifer McHenry on July 12, 2012
    One of my favorite things about New York City is that there is no shortage of amazing bakeries. After we moved here, I told myself that I would visit as many as possible. That’s a tall order. But, I do it in the name of all the baked goods in the city. How unselfish, right? In the West Village, there’s […]
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  • Chocolate-Butterscotch-Oatmeal Chippers

    By Jennifer McHenry on July 30, 2011
    For these cookies, I found my inspiration on a bag of Guittard’s butterscotch chips, which are one of my favorite baking ingredients. I was lured in by the added appeal of chocolate and a simple recipe. And Quinn’s enthusiasm about having some homemade baked goods, which have been few and far between of late.
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