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  • Mini Coconut Cakes

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 23, 2015
    There’s something about spring that makes me want to make everything with coconut. Of course, being the only coconut fan in our home makes it tough to justify going coconut crazy. I do not need to be left alone with a whole bunch of coconut goodness! But this weekend was Quinn’s birthday, and he was happily enjoying a little cheesecake […]
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  • Raspberry Shortbread Fool

    By Jennifer McHenry on April 24, 2013
    I’m mired pretty firmly in baking-with-berries season. I’ve shared both blueberry and strawberry recipes with you this month. Now, on to raspberries! Of all the interesting dessert names out there, I enjoy the simplicity of the name “fool.” From what I understand, fools got their name because they are so simple that any fool could make them. A fool is […]
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  • Blueberry-White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

    By Jennifer McHenry on March 27, 2013
    Recently, I’ve been on a bit of an organizing streak. I generally consider myself organized, but there are new levels of obsession around here. I think I owe some of that to living in New York. Small spaces are pure misery without some extreme organization. As I was rearranging the cabinet that passes for my baking pantry, I found some […]
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