yeast breads

  • Jalapeno Focaccia

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 17, 2007
    View a printable recipe or more photographs For years, I have been anti-bread-machine. From my knowledge of them, I thought they were a cop-out way of making bread. However, thanks to one of my culinary heroes, Alton Brown, I have come to realize that bread machines are quite handy for kneading and proofing dough. So, in light of my recent […]
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  • Prosciutto-Swiss Rolls

    By Jennifer McHenry on December 4, 2006
    View a printable recipe or more photographs at flickr. When I came home Thanksgiving Eve to find Quinn sick and in bed, he had started making these rolls earlier in the day for our big meal the next day. I assured him I could finish and left him to wallow. He had everything mixed, and the dough was rising. No […]
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  • Alton Brown’s Pizza

    By quinn on August 11, 2006
    In honor and anticipation of this weekend’s cooking seminar in Nashville, I made Alton Brown’s pizza dough as seen in the classic episode Flat is Beautiful and in his most recent book, I’m Just Here for More Food. In fact, I’m sitting in the passenger seat as Jennifer drives us on the first leg of our trip to Nashville. We’re […]
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