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  • Alton Brown’s Pie Crust

    By quinn on November 30, 2007
    Quinn has a love/more love relationship with Alton and his methods. So, it came as no surprise to me when he turned to Alton when he decided to make a pie crust. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the patience for things such as pie crusts, so I am glad to turn that responsibility over to him. Jennifer and I have a […]
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  • Alton Brown’s Pizza

    By quinn on August 11, 2006
    In honor and anticipation of this weekend’s cooking seminar in Nashville, I made Alton Brown’s pizza dough as seen in the classic episode Flat is Beautiful and in his most recent book, I’m Just Here for More Food. In fact, I’m sitting in the passenger seat as Jennifer drives us on the first leg of our trip to Nashville. We’re […]
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  • Garlic Knots

    By quinn on June 11, 2006
    Our favorite place to be is New York City. So much culture — so much food! My NYC guilty pleasure is an order of garlic knots from any pizzeria, sometimes instead of pizza. As a guest baker (and full-time husband), I made Emeril’s garlic knot recipe. The pizza dough portion of the recipe was a typical yeast bread. Any pizza […]
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