chilled dessert

  • Pistachio Pudding Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 27, 2015
    One of my favorite childhood desserts was one that my mother would make with a nutty crust topped with sweetened cream cheese, pistachio pudding from a mix, and frozen whipped topping. I loved everything about it and would request it fairly often. My own baking preferences are very decidedly in the from-scratch direction. That makes recreating those bars a bit […]
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  • Italian Cream Tart

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 17, 2015
    I recently discovered that I am unable to sleep on an overnight flight. I made this discovery on a 6-ish hour flight. Ugh. Trying to keep yourself entertained while everyone around you sleeps can be a bit of a challenge. My iPad was a lifesaver, though, with TV shows, books, mindless games, and magazines. During my magazine browsing stage, I […]
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  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight

    By Jennifer McHenry on July 23, 2015
    Just about every church potluck I enjoyed in the South featured a dessert called Chocolate Delight. It was this magical dessert made up of layers of shortbread crust, chocolate pudding, and whipped cream. I always felt it was aptly named, as it was always a true delight to eat. I’ve only made that dessert a few times, and none of […]
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