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  • World Peace Cookies

    By Jennifer McHenry on January 5, 2008
    As we entered 2008, most of us with great designs on making this a better year, I thought what more appropriate recipe to make than Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies? Nice sentiment for the new year, right? I thought so, anyway. So, I pulled out Baking: From my Home to Yours and dove right in.
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  • Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies

    By Jennifer McHenry on January 3, 2008
    I found this recipe ages ago and promptly printed it out so I could make it as soon as possible. Of course, when I found it earlier this week and remembered how excited I was to make them, I was forced to laugh at the fact that my initial excitement had been almost two years ago. Now, that either proves […]
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  • Quick Sticky Biscuits

    By Jennifer McHenry on January 1, 2008
    I first saw Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey at a bookstore a few months ago. After a brief flip-through, I added it to my ever-growing cookbook wish list. Finally, I bought a copy and sat down with it to give it a good study. My thoughts about this book can really be summed up in one sentence. This has to be […]
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