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  • Pecan Crusted Apple-Pear Crisp with Tuaca

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 21, 2007
    For the latest installment of Sugar High Friday, hosted this time around by Spittoon Extra the theme is Drunken Apples. I was intrigued by the possible combinations. My first thought was of Tuaca, a lovely citrus-vanilla liqueur, to which I was first introduced when Quinn & I had known each other about six weeks. Quinn brought a bottle to a […]
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  • Fudgy Layer Squares

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 20, 2007
    It seems that lately I’ve been inundating you lovely readers with an abundance of no-bake recipes. My only reasoning is that it has been yet another long, hot summer, and baking has not been high on my list of desired activities. I will get the oven turned on again soon, though. Fall may actually be on its way. In the […]
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  • DMBLGIT Reminder

    By Jennifer McHenry on October 17, 2007
    There are about two weeks left to get in your entries for this month’s Does My Blog Look Good in This? event. All the rules are spelled out here. I’ve also made a web album of all the entries that I’ve received thus far. We’ve got everything from lobster to lemongrass. Check it out at SmugMug. And be sure to […]
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