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  • Alton Brown

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 13, 2006
    Quinn and I are back home after travelling to Nashville for their guest chef lecture series featuring Alton Brown. We only found out about this last week, so all the VIP tickets were sold. Those tickets included a “meet and greet” function with AB. We had half-jokingly contemplated trying to take down someone with VIP tickets so we could have […]
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  • Alton Brown’s Pizza

    By quinn on August 11, 2006
    In honor and anticipation of this weekend’s cooking seminar in Nashville, I made Alton Brown’s pizza dough as seen in the classic episode Flat is Beautiful and in his most recent book, I’m Just Here for More Food. In fact, I’m sitting in the passenger seat as Jennifer drives us on the first leg of our trip to Nashville. We’re […]
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  • Raspberry Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 8, 2006
    See the recipe While making Chewy Graham Brownies the other day, my eye kept drifting to this recipe on the opposite page. Something about raspberries, oats, and brown sugar seemed specifically designed for summer. These bars begin with a crust that is much like shortbread. Raspberry preserves are spread on top of that, with a crumb topping made from the […]
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