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  • Waffles: Good Eats!

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 17, 2006
    View a printable recipe or more photos On Thursdays, I have to work from 11am to 9pm. Not the best scenario. In an effort to make Thursdays a little better, Quinn (who works from home) and I usually eat waffles before I leave for work. A bit of a confession – we usualy make Bisquick waffles. Today, we had a […]
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  • Mix Review: Williams Sonoma Chocolate Truffle Bread Mix

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 15, 2006
    View a printable glaze recipe or more photos Just as Alton says he’s suspicious of anything that comes in a kit, I am likewise suspicious of baking mixes. Sure, I’ll use a cake mix as the basis of a cake or some other creation. But, on their own… well, I just don’t feel comfortable using them. I really don’t have […]
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  • Cream Cheese Pound Cake

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 13, 2006
    A few weeks ago, I was on a frantic mission to buy a new tube pan for a recipe I wanted to make. I mean, I had to have this pan. So, I found the one I wanted, bought it, and brought it home. The trouble was I couldn’t remember which recipe I wanted to make. I knew it was […]
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