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  • Double Delicious Cookie Bars

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 24, 2006
    I think that most of us have those recipes that we rely on for those times when we need something quick and easy. For me, this is one of those recipes. I’ve made it countless times and it always gets rave reviews. It’s almost embarassingly simple. Butter, graham cracker crumbs, condensed milk, peanut butter chips, and milk chocolate chips. Variety […]
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  • Crispy Chocolate Squares

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 23, 2006
    A slight deviation from my norm, these bars don’t require baking. Reading through the recipe, I thought these sounded like a sure Quinn-pleaser. Chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, marshmallows, Rice Krispies… actually it sounded pretty good to me, too. My version of these bars have pecans, since I realized too late that I had no peanuts. Also, I omitted the frosting […]
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  • Praline Fudge Brownies

    By Jennifer McHenry on August 20, 2006
    View a printable recipe or more photos Our most recent discovery is Praline Liqueur, a pecan flavored liqueur. Quinn went in search of it to use in making my birthday cheesecake next weekend. In the meantime, we’ve discovered the wonders it does poured over vanilla ice cream or mixed with milk. Yum. As a special treat for Quinn, who was […]
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