Chewy Chocolate Cookies, revisited and augmented

Remember the super rich chocolate cookies a couple of days ago? Well, I decided to follow through with my notion that they were crying out to be double doozied. Armed with a can of store bought cream cheese icing (sue me – I didn’t have time to make my own), I did just that.

The icing somehow tamed the extreme “chocolateness” of the cookies while adding its own sweet taste. So, so, so good. I also bought a can of vanilla icing, but after the initial try with the cream cheese icing, I didn’t even bother. To me, there are few better things in this world than cream cheese icing. Sorry, vanilla.



  1. VeuveClicquot August 5, 2006 Reply

    Oh my, these look to die for! And I’m all for getting a little help from the store. :)

  2. Riana August 7, 2006 Reply

    Wow, it looks sooo tempting! Gosh, I wished I had some right now.. *drooling*

  3. Ellie August 8, 2006 Reply

    chocolate and cream cheese sounds like a great combination for these cookies :) They look marvellous!

  4. connie August 13, 2006 Reply

    Lovely site Jennifer and those cookies are a little piece of heaven!

  5. canape August 13, 2006 Reply

    Thanks, Jennifer. My new stepdaughter requested an extra in her lunch tomorrow for a friend. Score!

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